Arming Developers With a Solution to Problems from Missed Barcode Scans

Dynamsoft Panorama™ is an enhanced module of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader. Developers can use this groundbreaking proprietary technology to provide users with industrial-grade whole-warehouse barcode scan capabilities. When used to its full ability, Dynamsoft Panorama™ can empower warehouse and inventory managers to achieve true 100 percent barcode scan success rates.

Key Benefits

Maximize Decoding

Realize the opportunity to never miss a barcode scan again, resulting in significant cost savings and productivity gains.

Gain Greater Insight

With all inventory accounted for, managers can better understand their supply chain needs.

True Mobility

Dynamsoft Panorama works with smartphone, tablet, and industrial cameras, enabling true mobility throughout inventory locations.

Powerful Capabilities

Scales as you need it to, from smartphone-only use to server-based use for very large inventory scan jobs.

How it Works

Using Dynamsoft Panorama™, a worker or automated machine moves alongside boxes or shelves with a camera while the barcode reader simultaneously captures the barcode images. Instantly, the warehouse manager receives a stitched image, or a panoramic view of the situation. Now, they can discover any missed barcodes in real-time, as well as see text results of the barcodes.

Dynamsoft Panorama™ supports two working modes.

Local mode

A local mode allows images to be captured via smartphone, tablet’s video stream and are stitched together on the device. This uses a Dynamsoft proprietary algorithm designed for real-time industrial-grade barcode scanning.

Server mode

For larger projects, there is a server mode where images are uploaded via the network to a computer or server for real-time stitching. In cases where an automated robot or drone scans barcodes on a shelf, warehouse managers can locally or remotely observe the barcode scanning process, enabling them to interact with the panoramic images and control the process.

Addressing Industry-Wide
Barcoding Challenges

Developers are continually tasked with implementing advanced warehousing technology for many business reasons. Dynamsoft Panorama™ can help businesses gain insight that avoids the costs of missed scans and related productivity losses. Further, its light-weight design is ideal to create user desire for its adoption.